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in Crash by (170 points)
So, i was trying to make debug console to work with released game but i didn't have any idea on how it works.

Tried to use essentials but it doesn't run well.

Also, yesterday my PC got reset. Luckily i had release game folder uploaded on my onedrive. But now i no longer have access to my original scripts. Sadly.

There is any way to decompile my release game folder to work on it again? Or i have to start my year of work again? :(

1 Answer

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by (28.0k points)
Once you've compiled your game you can no longer do the opposite operation. Especially for scripts since they're compiled into operation codes. (A bit the same as .exe, you can have a look how hard it is to turn .exe into .cpp).

The debug console can't be launch in release unless the game make it available.

For the future I suggest that you make backup of your project time to time (backup meaning copying the source code of your project in another driver and another location, the cloud doesn't constitute a good backup, never trust other's computer).

How much content did you do in your game?
by (170 points)
More than 300mb of content with custom maps, fakemons, events, etc.
That's why I want to get my game to decompile so that I can finish my work.
I will surely backup next time but working on it from the start is really a mess. So, are you sure there is really no way to recover my whole project?
by (17.1k points)
If you didn't do much things on your computer since the reset, you could try using Recuva. It's basically your best chance, and I can't say for sure it's going to help you or not... In any case, no, when it's compiled, it's compiled, nothing can be done.
by (170 points)
That's too sad. By reset i mean my HDD got failed. So,i had to buy a new one. No way to recover anything.